Positivity among the negativity.


That’s all true: we are vulnerable; we are not invisible as we thought we were, we are humans after all. COVID-19 has tested all of our virtues. …

A thought about our body.


Our bodies are demanding. To the point that we only think about satisfying it. On a daily basis, our body requires on average; 7 hours of sleep, 2 hours of food intake (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), 1 hour of bathroom use, and another hour for…

Drawing and coloring.

The first time I heard your name, I was in sixth grade, when my art teacher asked me to draw the perfect shape and use the perfect coloring. My drawings, however, were just “not quite perfect!”. At the time, I did not know what it all meant…

Another 5 from the depth of the Animal Kingdom

“Kalila wa-Dimna” by Ibn al-Muqafaa’

6- P(i)eace of mind

Peace is when you can hear the water shimmering; the leaves on the pine tree falling; the curtains moving. Taking a deep breath amidst all of this. It is like being able to distinguish the note fa…

5 Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

“Where the wild things are” by Maurice Sendak

1- Blaming the neighbor

The disbelief that surrounds the look on someone’s face when listening to something hurtful or uncommon from a family member. The brother blames the wife for the actions of his own brother; the wife blames the mother-in-law for the actions…

The psychological impacts of the pandemic.

Abdul Salam Shayrah “Brain Death”

It is week number three of the quarantine, and we are still bombarded with information about Covid-19. “Breaking News” never seems to give us a break from it! And the media only aggravates the problem and will not contribute to our sanity or mindfulness…

Widad Al Orfali “A Thousand and one Nights”

How can people go from in to out of love?

While I was scrolling down YouTube’s feeds, I stumbled upon the new trailer of Netflix’s “Marriage Story”. The beginning sentence was “What I loved about…” triggered my thoughts for a while. Both lead characters used past tense in a relationship…

Creatos Write

For the Sake of Curiosity

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